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New file-format for all tileset-graphics


Because every single item and gump (graphic elements within the game, not used as items - e.g. dialog buttons, backgrounds, borders, ...) may have it's own size, there must be some kind of index-file. Within this index each item is defined with a name, it's origin (upper-left coordinates), it's width and it's size. Also additional attributes like the height of the item or it's slope-map could be saved within this index-file, so a designer can create fully usable tilesets without the need to define all necessary properties within the object library.
To make all graphic-formats consistent and to stint unneccesary white-space within mobile-tilesets, there should be an index-file for mobiles, too. The available animations, the frame-count and the size of the mobile could be saved within this indexes just like the name.
It is necessary to change the currently used Tileset Maker into a fully Tileset Editor, so it couldn't only export new sets but also load, change and save existing "graphic libraries" (tileset-images with their corresponding indexer-file).