We are using tilesets to store all necessary frames of animations for mobiles and items. This tool is creating those image-maps as needed with a standardized ruleset.

Now, after playing around with the current version and how it works together with the client, there are additional needs. It's planned to change the behaviour of the Tileset Maker and include additional information with index-files. There is a Task with further information regarding this topic. Implementing this new format will make this tool in it's current state deprecated!


ClickOnce Installation


Mobile tilesets

  1. Enter the width and height of the mobile-frames.
  2. Enter the base-name of your single-frame images as the character-name and choose the appropriate separator-character.
  3. You can change the naming for all animations and directions within your single-frame image-filenames. Just select the corresponding entry in the dropdown and enter your naming into the textbox right-beside.
  4. All your single-frame images have to be named similiar to the example-filename in the lower-left corner. The filename-pattern looks like this: <charname><separator-char><animation-name><separator-char><direction-name><separator-char><frame-number>.<jpg|bmp|gif|png>
  5. As the final step click the button Create Tileset and you will be prompted to select the directory containing all single-frame images. The program will create the complete tilemap in the background and finally asks you for a saving-location.

Item tilesets

  1. not yet implemented

Gump tilesets

  1. not yet implemented


  1. What DPI / PPI should my single-frame images have?
Please use a resolution of 96 Pixel per inch as this is the standard-resolution of the XNA Framework.



  • First test-version to create tilesets for mobiles with a fixed tile-size


  • Now supporting different image-formats as import (jpg, gif, png, bmp)
  • Supporting mobiles with custom sizes (but all frames must have the same size)
  • Using bindings for the complete GUI

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