Instead of making a single piece of software we have to organize and tune a lot of different work within this project. There are mainly the server-backend and the client-frontend, but also contracts and protocols to make those two work together, additional libraries for better structuring and also tools to administer and support a lot of things.

There are two project-leads, trying to keep all loose threads together and coordinate all those enthusiastic work done by people widespread over the country. Also we have a few upper-level groups like "game play", "graphics", "backend" and "frontend". Each group has at least one controller who is in charge of organizing their work, allocating tasks and so on. This isn't a hard-cut plotting, but there should be a single-point of contact for the whole project-team for those subjects.

Most of our project members are capable of doing their work in two or more areas, e.g. working on the client-side with the XNA-Framework, but also doing contributions on the server-part, planning architectures or supporting the game-designers with ideas and / or feedback. In the long run there should be some knowledge-transfer for everyone actively participating. It's our goal to train ourselves and other people while having a lot of fun doing something we really like - the finished game is just a side-product. :)

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