The main-goal of our project is a great live-gaming-experience with a massive-multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) on the Windows Phone platform. The whole team is working on this project because we…

  1. love programming
  2. appreciate to exchange our thoughts, ideas and concepts and learn from others
  3. have a lot of fun playing RPGs

But most of us are working on it because of all three of those reasons. ;-)

The original idea is based by Gordon Breuer, who adumbrate the idea of a mobile client for “Ultima Online” about 2004 on Windows Mobile based PDAs. Long time this idea was suspended due to various circumstances and updated from time to time with ideas surrounding current technology.

A hugh leap in time forward to spring 2012 – Tom Wendel posted a link to articy draft, a great tool to plan dialogs, quests and so on for games, on facebook. While on a training Gordon commented on this link, that this program would be great to plan all those roleplaying-things for the MMORPG-on-Windows-Phone idea he had ‘a while back’. Nothing was intended while posting this, really just some kind of small-talk. Little did he knew that just a couple of hours later about a dozen people also commented on this posting, most of them eager to know more about this “WinPhone MMORPG” he was talking about. A few days later there was a small group in facebook to discuss the idea a little further.

Typically it’s somewhat difficult to enthuse people for a new project idea, but apparently a lot of developers are also big RPG-Fans and within a few weeks there were enough people to not only talk about such a large project but it marked the actual beginning of it! There were quite a lot of polls to define some starting-variables and now this long time forgotten / suspended idea is becoming reality …

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