You will find all enumerations in this area that may be usefull to more than one component. There may be additional enumerations in specific components of the project if it's not necessary to share them among all others.


The available maps an object may be placed on. This includes special dungeon-maps or additional maps for development / testing.


A tile on the map may be one of those types.
  • BaseTile - ground-tiles like grass, sand and dirt. They are always rendered first and shown at the bottom.
  • StackableTile - those tiles are constructions with a defined high, e.g. walls or stone-blocks.
  • StandardTile - all normal tiles for e.g. decorations. They may have a TileSlope associated to bridge different height-levels.


A ramp or something similiar needs to be associated with a TileSlope. This enumeration defines the start and end edge of the gradient height-level. All directions are used non-isometric, so "Up" is going diagonal from the bottom edge to the upper edge.


For future use. Each player may define in what language he wants to play the roleplaying.


This is a finite list of all possible animations a mobile can make within the game. Not every mobile will support all animations. Those animations and their order are also used by our tools to create the tilesets for the clients.


Each mobile can face into eight different directions. Those are defined within this enumeration. All directions are used non-isometric, so "Up" is looking to the upper edge of the screen.


There is a finite list of supported light types, each with different outlines. The color and intensity are not affected by this enumeration.


Every mobile has several layers it can wear items like clothes, armor or weapon. This enumeration is a finite list of all possible layers. Each wearable item has to define the layer it goes to.


To reduce the filesize of the tileset-sprites they are grouped into different files. Each file is represented with an entry in this enumeration.

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