Game Type

There are a few different types of Roleplaying games available:
  • Single Player RPG
  • Multiplayer RPG
  • Massive-Multiplayer Online RPG (MMORPG)

Most multiplayer RPGs also have some sort of singleplayer mode with one or more campaigns to play. They have all in common that they are joining just a few player together in groups for more or less short online-campaigns. Maybe every player has it's own party to fight each other, in other games there is only one big party and all players are playing one char in that group. But the amount of people playing simultanously together is often limited and there is a fixed goal they have to accomplish.

Massive-Multiplayer Online RPGs are going one step further: All players are playing in the same world and everybody can interact with every other character / player. Often some players are organizing themselves in small groups (party, guild) to play together on a regular basis. But all-in-all it's an endless game with perhaps thousends of players at the same time.

Those MMORPGs are not only a challenge to play, but they are also technically one of the most challenging types of games! And say what? We are going to create one here all together! :-)

Game Setting

  • Fantasy-Theme with dragons, mages, knights and so on
  • No hard-coded levels but an open world the player can freely explore
  • Skill-trees, based on profession-classes
  • Training skills by using them active or passive
  • Real-Time fights

Visual Appearance

  • No comic-stile but more realistic graphics, similiar to old Ultima Online
  • 2D-isometric perspective with a fixed camera / no zooming
  • Player character is always centered on the screen

Supported Platforms

As a server-platform we decided to use cloud-computing so we are able to scale the necessary ressources fast and easily. We are developing the server for Windows Azure services, but it should be possible to port it to other services as well at a later time.

As a client we choose the Windows Phone platform (v7.5 and above), because we can use the .NET Framework, C# and the powerful XNA-Framework and to create a great game for this relatively young platform.
Other platforms are possible at a later date, for example:
  • Windows 8 RT (for Tablets)
  • Android
  • iOS
Howbeit it is currently not planned to create a solely Desktop client.

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