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Project Description
We want to create a classical Live-MMORPG you can play on your smartphone (in the first step only “Windows Phone” will be supported) with the basic idea of Ultima Online or similiar games in our mind.

You can create one or more characters, choose some name, gender, basic attributes (skin and hair color, …) a race (e.g. ‘Human’) and a profession (e.g. ‘fighter’ or ‘craftsman’). Now he can freely travel through the whole world, meeting other players, fighting monsters, absolving quests, training his skills, and so on. There are basically no limits what role you want to play with your character. Did you ever plan on fighting dragons and to rescue the princess? Or do you want to become a world-famous weaponsmith crafting the strongest and most dangerous weapons every knight wants to buy? Maybe your destiny will be founding a big merchant-guild or you just want to compose lyrics and travel from town to town as a bard .. only your fantasy is your limit.

The most interesting concept about this game is to play with other players on-the-go in realtime. Most other RPGs on mobile platforms are either single-player, or they use some kind of turn-by-turn szenario for fighting etc.

Our goal is to create a similiar experience like classical MMORPGs like Ultima Online established on Desktop computers 15 years ago – but on your everyday-gadget, your smartphone! You can interact with the whole world, every character and every player inside this world in realtime. Chatting, roleplaying, fighting, training, … there are no hard-bordered goals you have to achieve, no different game-levels you can win one-after-the-other. It’s definitly a game you will have to invest some time to train your character or to earn some money, but the main-concept is the interaction with other players. Not just fighting each other but talking, trading or fighting together as a team. Our game is a whole new level of gaming experience on mobile devices. Created by players for other players.

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